Murals for 2022 will get rolling mostly Fri-Sat-Sun October 7-8-9; sites TBD.

(For photos/info of past festivals/murals back to 2015, see PAST & PHOTOS.)

Virginia Street Art Festival (VSAF) is a non-profit activity beautifying urban spaces with legal outdoor art.
Most activity is in Waynesboro, VA.

We need walls! Wall-owners interested in free non-ad murals can use our WALL-OWNER FORM.

Several artists have signed up and we’re always seeking more. Here’s the ARTIST FORM.

In 2021, VSAF began also exhibiting some street art and related ephemera temporarily at the Shenandoah Valley Art center in Waynesboro. Both local talents and nationally-known artists participated. Among artists expected to have items in the 2022 mini-exhibit are:
~ Kenny Scharf
~ Lady Pink
~ Smith
~ Shepard Fairey
~ Alski
~ Russell King
~ Terry Ward
~ Bart Lanman

With CoVid uncertainty continuing, we likely won’t deal with the usual the large-crowd-capable performance aspects of the event: expect no bands, belly-dancers, DJs, drum circles, kid activities, vendor activities, or beer tents.

The small-scale “events” aspect of the festival likely will include:

1) A MICRO-EXHIBIT of street art small pieces by some famous artists and some aspiring others is in the shop window of the Shenandoah Valley Art Center (a long-running friend of VSAF). Artists to be determined and announced at a later date.

2) A WALKING TOUR of VSAF highlights in the Main Street corridor of Waynesboro to begin at ( dates and times TBD ) in the Wayne Theatre parking lot (MAP PIN here: ).
The tour will be led by (TBD).
The tour will include new murals and painting sites which have not yet been determined.
The tour will also include these Main Street corridor sites:

1) Wayne lot mural by master world muralist Nils Westergard (, also, underfoot, some giant leaf outlines for VSAF’s future citywide Sky Leaves ground mural by an anonymous artist.
2) Main Street small piece/s by Terry Ward (
3) Wayne-Lumos alley mural by Kimchi Juice (
4) Micro-exhibit “Street Bits” in a SVAC window (
5) Walk back to Main, then turn at the Moss Gallery from Main Street to Lumos Plaza connector path (
6) Lumos alley mural (octo-paint-us) by Peyton Moore (
7) Lumos alley mural mural (birdhouse girl) by Andie Peach (
8) Firehouse wall mural (firefighter/rescuer tribute) by David Wayne (
9) Site of future mural by TBD (
11) View toward giant mural on old cold storage tower, again by Nils Westergard (

If the gently-downhill hike of not not quite a half mile works up your appetite and if you bring a wallet, the close-by food options might interest you. Not far from that last stop just uphill a bit on Main Street are: pub and fine dining at Heritage on Main Street, almost comically-large pizza at Benny Stivales’s, and (further uphill on Main Street) local eateries The Green Leaf Grill, Sam’s Hot Dog Stand, and Stella, Bella, & Lucy’s. On Wayne Ave. a short block north of the Wayne-and-Main traffic light are burger pub The River and artsy coffee house The French Press.

The walking tour includes only the VSAF art in the Main Street corridor.
Additional VSAF art in Waynesboro, perhaps better reached by car, includes:
12) Race Ave. piece by Kimchi Juice (
13) Short Street 100-foot-long flock of Therapy Ducks by Terry Ward ( future site of children’s museum)
14) YMCA Main Street face by Nils Westergard (
15) YMCA Arch Street face by Kimchi Juice (
16) YMCA Market Ave exterior area by (undisclosed)
17) Royal gasoline Rife Rd face by Cody Brogan (
18) Commerce Ave. & 5th Street (old EN Computers bldg) by various artists (
19) Rear of Basic City Beer Co. off/behind Main Street (

3) A MURAL-PAINTING WATCH EVENT/s (dates and times TBD)

VSAF is all-volunteer with no paid staff, and in the non-profit world, “cash is capability.” Contributions help fund the paint and artist-travel. If you like what VSAF does, perhaps you, your organization, or your business could contribute. Here’s the GIVING info/form page.

Photos below, cleared for press use, are from 2021‘s VSAF. 2022 photos will appear here as new art comes into being.