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The Virginia Street Art Festival (VSAF) is a non-profit that beautifies urban spaces with legal outdoor murals and other art. Much of the “built environment” surrounding townspeople every day is utilitarian, without heart, and frankly rather ugly –and stays that way for decades. It doesn’t have to be. Artists, volunteers, sponsors, and community-minded property-owners can unite to transform dull expanses of cinder block, roof tar, and retaining-wall concrete into art. A multi-story VSAF artwork was ranked World’s Top Mural of 2019 by the publication StreetArt360.

World muralist Nils Westergard has been a key VSAF artist donating hundreds of hours. In 2021, some famed names and old school New York subway artists joined, including Kenny Scharf, Lady Pink, and others. Artist-regulars included Julia Chon (AKA Kimchee Juice) and Terry Ward. (A full list of past artists will appear here later.)

The event began in 2015 in Waynesboro, Virginia, as the brainchild of longtime street art fan Ian A. MacRae. Founder MacRae let his E.N. Computers building serve as the artists’ first canvas. The once gritty, now ever-more-artsy Waynesboro, Virginia, has been the site of most VSAF art-making ever since.


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Current leadership:
Ian A. MacRae, founder / executive producer.
Michelle Harley, operations director.
Terry Ward, artistic director.
Ed Scerbo, socials czar.
Jeff Fife, at-large.

VASF %I MacRae of EN
215 Fifth Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980

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